SCO Hydro Sealant

SCO Hydro Sealant
SCO Hydro Sealant
Product Description
SC0 is a water-based surface sealant that creates a chemical and molecular barrier thanks to siloxanes and fluoropolymers. Its unique formulacuring7.png creates an incredible gloss and rain-proof effect, with a silk effect to the touch. SC0 is free of petroleum distillates and can therefore be applied simply and at extreme temperatures. It can be used directly on painted surfaces or surfaces treated with protective agents to prevent the formation of hard water stains that occur after the first two weeks of application of the coatings. It lasts up to 5 months when applied on its own and when the car is properly cleaned with SP1, S2; up to 9 months if combined after 20 minutes with W1 and maintained with H2O at least every 3 washes



Spray SC0 2-3 times on a short fibred microfibre cloth and directly on the clean and dry surface (40x40cm at a time). Apply it carefully (with a criss-cross technique) and wipe again with another medium/long fibred microfibre cloth with circular movements, turning the cloth often to remove any excess. The product is fully activated after 7 hours from application and is able to resist both acids and alkalis.


We do not recommend applying it on hot surfaces or to direct sunlight.


You can have the best performances with a completely decontaminated and well-maintained surface.


30 ml/machine.

Packaging Box Code Item
100 ml 6 pcs 79294
500 ml 6 pcs 79295

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