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  1. X - Protector

    The sealant is a product made from latest-generation raw materials and has a long-lasting effect on the treated surface. Its active ingredients penetrate into the surfaces micropores and provide sound protection that will help water slide, thereby preventing dirt from building up and making surfaces easier to clean. Provides a self-cleaning action on sloping surfaces.
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  2. Nano Polishing B6

    Contains polishing nanofoils. Ensures long-term action and adds exceptional reflectance to light on paintwork. Does not contain abrasive substances and creates an emulsion of nanostructured waxes. Can be used in tunnels, freestanding systems and also for manual washing. Does not leave grease marks on glass surfaces and brushes.
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  3. Lava Cemento Forte

    Concentrated detergent; it dissolves quickly concrete from cars, heavy goods vehicles and trucks. It does not damage the paint or plastics. Excellent for the internal cleaning of closed circuit high- pressure cleaners
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  4. Sundet Panel

    Neutral detergent for solar panels and plastic surfaces. Specific neutral detergent to clean solar panels, designed to avoid any damage on these delicate surfaces. Does not opacify, as it leaves surfaces perfectly clean to allow for better absorption of sunrays, thereby optimising the performance of the photovoltaic system as much as possible. Sundet panel safely removes stubborn soot, bird droppings, oil, grease, traffic film, acid rain and any kind of atmospheric dirt.
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