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  1. Red Wheel

    Cleans rims and removes rust with a special visual effect. Acid-free detergent, highly effective against brake pad friction powder and rust on rims, as well as on the whole bodywork or other surfaces like marble or concrete. Its strong formula attacks micro iron particles and changes colour by turning purple.
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  2. Perfect Wash Megafoam

    The new super foam formula is twice as powerful than any single component prewash. Its powerful action cannot be matched with any other car cleaning product. Safe for use on delicate car parts, it does not damage aluminium and plastic parts of BMW, Mercedes and Audi vehicles. It gives you the peace of mind of safely washing surfaces without having to worry about weather conditions or the car you are using.
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  3. Perfect Wash

    Its new formula is twice more powerful than that of any monocomponent pre-wash product. No other car cleaning product is so powerful. It can be used safely on the delicate parts of cars; does not damage aluminium or plastic parts on BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars. You will be free to wash cars in total safety, without worrying about the weather or the brand of the car you are washing.
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  4. Clean Wheel

    Cost effective detergent with an high cleaning power for all types of rims. Also available in the antifreeze version.
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  5. Tar Vanish

    Solvent-based detergent that dissolves tar and effectively removes glue and plant residues. Quick and easy to apply, it rapidly dissolves any tar residue or stain and/or glue. Ideal for bodywork, workshops and car washes.
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  6. Scale Eraser

    This product cleans and eliminates scale and oxide deposits; it is based on inorganic acids and corrosion inhibitors. It is very good to clean car wash installations. Not suited for glasses.
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  7. Engine Cleaner

    Touch-less concentrated degreaser. This is a cutting-edge product due to its intense detergent properties
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